13 TV Highlights on Halloween


Whether you still watch live TV or need some good background noise for a party, here’s a list of 13 TV highlights for this Halloween. Also, it’s a pretty lousy Saturday for college football matchups so you why not watch something Halloween related?

Note: All times CST

  1. The Simpsons, FXX All Day: If you’re my age, a Treehouse of Horror marathon is as much a Halloween tradition as pumpkins or costumes. Tip: the more classic episodes are on earlier in the day, or you could make your own through Simpsons World on the FXX app or website.
  2. Ash Vs. The Evil Dead, Starz 8pm: Sam Raimi directed the pilot (it’s getting good reviews) which premieres on Halloween night.
  3. The Returned, Sundance 9pm: The intriguing French zombie-drama series returns after a terrifying finale (and what feels like a super long break) when it finally went full-on horror.
  4. David Lynch short film marathon, Turner Classic Movies 2:45-4:30 AM: TCM is airing all of Lynch’s nightmarish short films (except “The Cowboy and the Frenchman” for some reason) and his abrasive animated series Dumbland; 3AM might be the ideal time to watch these.
  5. MST3K “Pod People,” RetroTV 8pm: This bizarre, low-budget Spanish-French film was changed from a sci-fi horror film to an ET rip-off mid-shoot and is the object of loving derision of what is probably the best episode of MST3K.
  6. Dead of Night, TCM 10:30 pm: One of the greatest horror films of all-time; the original and still the best horror anthology film.
  7. Poltergeist, ABC Family 11:30 AM: For years, I watched this on Halloween night, but this morning airing seems to be the only time its on this Halloween.
  8. The Evil Dead, Encore Suspense 6:30: If you plan to watch the series, check out the original and still my favorite in the franchise. Unlike the sequels, or the TV series, this is grueling survival horror instead of a tongue-in-cheek splatter comedy.
  9. The Lost Boys, VH1 7 and 11 PM
  10. Fright Night, Encore 6:10pm: Two fun, 80’s horror films that are perfect Halloween fare.
  11. Night of the Living Dead, Encore Suspense 8pm (and most likely on other local channels): Another Halloween tradition. Just be warned that your local TV airings may be the lower quality public domain versions.
  12. The Shining, Sundance 5:30 pm
  13. Scream Blacula Scream, Bounce Midnight-2am: More of a notice that Bounce shows a lot of Blaxploitation classics at night as than an endorsement, though I think many people prefer this sequel to the original (which airs at 10pm).

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