You might want to buy this: The Larry Fessenden Collection on Blu Ray


Here’s the link to the item on Shout! factory’s store. For a limited time, it comes autographed.

If you don’t know about Fessenden, he’s become one of the most influential figures in contemporary American indie horror (I read somebody call him the John Cassavettes of horror) and now he’s been given what looks like a fantastic blu-ray release with basically all of his work: 4 feature films and a bunch of shorts with loads of extras.

I’ve seen two of the films in this collection and highly recommend both of them. Last year I wrote a review of Habit, a film that has become a major influence for the contemporary wave of more dramatic, sophisticated, and poetic indie horror films, and it’s one of the best horror films (though it’s more of a vampire tragic-romance than a straight horror film) you’ve never seen. I watched a subpar transfer of it, and even though the film is a low-budget film shot in some of the grimier parts of New York, it still looked beautiful so I’m looking forward to seeing it on Blu-Ray. The other film, The Last Winter is Fessenden’s biggest budget work, an excellent and timely horror thriller about Arctic oil drilling.


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