Five Thoughts: Guardians of the Galaxy



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Dir. James Gunn, 2014

  1. Unlike some films (*cough* American Hustle) there is a thematic reason for a jukebox soundtrack of 70’s hits in this film. The problem is that the movie wants badly to be like rock music, and film, except in rare instances, fails at being music-like. What do I mean by that? I mean, messy, loose, and irreverent.
  2. I think the biggest problem in this movie is either that Gunn didn’t trust himself to be as messy and loose as he wanted to be, as his previous film suggest he can be, or more likely that Marvel doesn’t want it’s interconnected franchises to be too different from each other for the inevitable cross-over films. The best moments of this film are those which depart from the accepted beats that most Marvel films all follow, but in the end reaffirms those same arcs and beats.
  3. There was a point 2/3 of the way through the movie when I found myself getting really, really bored. And I thought to myself, “there are lots of explosions and loud noises but why do I feel so bored?” The Maguffin centered plot, which is basically “he wants the thing, now they have the thing, uh-oh now they don’t have the thing and now they want the thing” just wasn’t enough to draw me in. And the relationships didn’t have any time to develop because of it. I knew the characters were friends because the plot needed them to be and they said they were friends, but I didn’t care.
  4. The genius of the Marvel system may also be its undoing. Setting up for future movies could eventually make the movie you’re currently watching less interesting: Benicio Del Torro and Josh Brolin show up but most likely won’t pay off until 2 Avengers movies from now and this has probably the 2 weakest post-credits scenes of any Marvel movie.
  5. Gunn has somehow become Troma’s most successful alumnus (I have no idea how Marvel decided to say, “hey, let’s give $200 Million to the guy who made Super. And consider how great a film this could have been had it been more Toxic Avenger and less alt-Avengers), so it’s nice to see a Lloyd Kaufman cameo.

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